The Wenzhou Beide toy Limited company is the specialized development, the production, sells the indoor outside child to amuse equipment's modern enterprise. The enterprise is located at beautiful scenery, scenery joy person's Chinese toy - - under Qiaoxia Pu'tou industrial park in Wenzhou.

    The enterprise since the foundation, the shell has profited the human to insist throughout take the good faith as this, the quality first, customer is supreme, the scientific innovation is the enterprise objective, has won the everywhere user general approvals and welcome from all walks of life. Profits person many years after the shell diligently and user community's support, the enterprise continues to grow strong, consummates the management mechanism unceasingly, the introduction outstanding talent, sets up the enterprise culture, makes the shell to profit with all one's strength the brand.

ADD:Pu'tou Industrial Park,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County,Wenzhou,China
TEL:0086-577-67491661   FAX:0086-577-67491662
Email:[email protected]